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Schedule Update

Sorry for the delay, but because of the busy holiday season, Dip and Dabble Preschool photos will be in the online client gallery on Wednesday Dec. 29th. Thanks for your patience!

In other news, Nicole Klingler Photography has a NEW name, brand and website. Continue to follow me at www.trueatelier.com.


Payton had his good buddy Tannon over yeterday!

They are so stinkin cute together!
I hoped to be able to capture a few pics of Tannon's beautiful eyes, but you know 4 year old boys, I didn't think they would let me...

They were surprisingly compliant, but only when I suggested that they could wear capes, like superheros.

That did the trick.
You can tell Payton is pretty used to the camera (I pester him, really!!!)
He is always looking at it, even when I would rather capture the more candid moments.

Tannon was great at this!

These two were so cute! They played the WHOLE DAY, from like
9:30 am till 8:00pm.

NO conflicts, BARELY a break for food!
They had too much fun!!!

They told me they have so much fun together because they both
have such "great ideas!!!"

I liked listening in on there conversations. There sentences were full of "this is going to be sweet" "awesome"
"so cool" more "awesomes." You get the picture.

You're a good buddy Tannon!!
Hope his family enjoys these silly pictures!!!

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