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A little of mine!

{this is a double post from my family blog, just wanted to share a few pics!}
A few weeks ago we had a fun weekend in Hagerman. Got to take some smashing photos of my Bro and his Fiance Keli. On our way there we stopped at Twin Falls to visit, SHOSHONE FALLS.
It was beautiful, if not a little muddy and grey- but beautiful all the same! I love when we get
to show Payton things that amaze him. He said "whoa!" a lot!!
The Falls

I read the manual to my new camera (arrived the day before) in the car on the way.

Below was the first shot taken on my new camera.
It's a keeper {the shot} as I love that tender moment- and such a wonderful husband who puts up with my many ambitions!!!

My boys posing on the stairs to the trailhead.
Payton really wanted to hike it... but we decided in favor of hitting the road for more fishing time in Hagerman.

Here is our little pit stop for fishing.
Oster Ponds

Cutie #1
Patient, but no luck.

Cutie #1 again.
Even cuter in this one, showing me his precious blues!

Oh, here's cutie #2!!! He's REAL cute!
He was fishing with a fly pole, which I guess was the trick because he brought in those fishies with every cast.
My oldest started to get a bit bored, no fishing action for him. He was soon more interested in the camera and wanted to use it to take some pictures of his daddy by himself.
{the shot below is his- NICE HUH!}

I've let him snap pictures quite often since this one.
Of course I have to get the settings on the camera right, and secure it around his neck before I let him go for it. But, as of yet, HE HAS NEVER HAD AN OUT OF FOCUS PICTURE! He is kind of a natural! YAY

Later in the weekend my Dad took us out a scenic drive.

I needed some pretty things to practice on.

He needed more rocks for his collection {hundreds of them around our house!!!!} and he also hoped to find some fossils and some "dinosaur tooths." He differentiated between them for us, above and below.

This dude just needed a little sunshine.

Apparently so did this lizzard.

The men and boys spent some time skipping rocks on the river, which graduated into throwing in boulders to make HUGE splashes!

And I caught my Dad in my viewfinder as I scanned the landscape, learning his new camera!!!
Such a fun weekend! As always, love me a little relaxation and family!!

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Rachel and Jason said...

It didn't work. I tried it. Darn it! Jase bought me Nikon D3000. P.S. What about big pictures? How do you get them? Oh, and how did you set up your photography website with all the buttons and stuff? And I LOVE the new blog. You changed it, right? Looks great!