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Schedule Update

Sorry for the delay, but because of the busy holiday season, Dip and Dabble Preschool photos will be in the online client gallery on Wednesday Dec. 29th. Thanks for your patience!

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Baby Green: {Eastern Idaho Newborn Photographer}

How darling is my little nephew???
He is 21 days old here. WOULD NOT SLEEP!!! So unfortunately, not bendy/ sleepy poses for us!
Though was a gem, he just wanted to stretch out the whole time.

The picture below is priceless though!
How many 3 week old babies that you know can hold themselves up like that?
We put him on his belly, fully anticipating that we would lay his head down on his hands, but he
was determined (and I think, proud) to keep himself up on those arms! What a strong guy!
He stayed there for almost a whole minute! Mom and I were dying laughing!


Growing like a weed! (he has cute little wrinkles and rolls)

I love this sideways look. He seems so serious about something.
And the rolls and wrinkles on his arms are precious!

And of course, we need some of mom and baby! Doesn't Rozy look fabulous?!?!
{check out her maternity photos a couple weeks back!}

Where were our husbands during all of this? Golfing, of course!
They said they scored big that round, but I think we scored bigger with this little one!



Lyndi said...

Oh my little man. He is so adorable. Rosy has such a cute little guy and I can't stop looking at your blog. I love it!

Lyndi said...
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