Thanks for stopping by, I'm Nicole Klingler... a wife, mother, dancer, artistic director and photographer. I shoot in various cities in Idaho including Rigby, Rexburg, Idaho Falls, and Boise, as well as Salt Lake City and other northern Utah cities! My photographic style is RICH, TRUE, ORGANIC and HONEST.... with the intent of capturing my subject's personalities... the essence of who they are and what drives them! My specialties lie in individual portraiture: children, seniors, modeling portfolios, and brides- with an emphasis in fashion and editorial style, as well as engagements, formals, and weddings. Stay and browse awhile, or give me a call to set up your own session. Lets see what magic we can create together! (all session and product pricing can be found on the menu bar)

Schedule Update

Sorry for the delay, but because of the busy holiday season, Dip and Dabble Preschool photos will be in the online client gallery on Wednesday Dec. 29th. Thanks for your patience!

In other news, Nicole Klingler Photography has a NEW name, brand and website. Continue to follow me at www.trueatelier.com.

BlanKanvas Continued: {Eastern Idaho Dance/ Arts Photographer}

I am slowly getting the images from this shoot edited, in between other jobs. As I work on them I am giddy inside because these girls are so dang beautiful I can hardly believe it! More importantly, they are that beautiful inside as well... and I am so fortunate to work with these lovely dancers! Enjoy!

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Rachel and Jason said...

Nicole! BEAUTIFUL pictures. When I grow up, I want to be just like you. And I need you to help me with my photog blog! I want it lookin' sweet like yours! And thanks for the sweet comments. The wedding went really well. I am exhausted, but I had so much fun. I'm addicted. Officially. I'm buying Photoshop next week and can't wait to get my grubby little fingers on it so I can do all sorts of fun things. And yes, I used a tripod at the wedding. It's my new favorite toy. But I only used it on the heart picture. I just upped my ISO on the car pic. Let's talk soon?! We leave for Utah/Boise Friday. We'll be in touch.